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Career Opportunities

Financial Adviser

We are always interested in hearing from qualified Advisers who may wish to join our team.

We do not believe that a FA should be held back by capped salaries or bonus structures. We want our FAs to earn directly from the fruits of their hard work, with no earnings or bonus cap applied. We also offer a mature and relaxed working environment where the focus is always on client service and satisfaction, not selling!

Tempted? Looking to break away from the "corporate beast" and work to your own strengths within our regulated environment?

If so, call us on 01624 614618 for an initial chat.

Island Financial Solutions Limited is an equal opportunities employer.

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Wednesday 26th July, 2017

VW and Daimler face cartel accusations

Supervisory boards at the carmakers call emergency meetings after being accused of breaching EU rules.

UK economic growth rate edges higher

The booming film industry helped support the UK economy in the three months to June.

Trump says Apple will build three 'big' new plants in US

President Trump says Apple is planning three new manufacturing plants in the United States.

Nestle to open Japan factory for exotic Kit Kat demand

It is the first production plant Nestle has opened in the country for 26 years.

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